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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital


This week to mark 500 years since the Bard’s death, BBC Taster has launched a new smartphone app which converts emojis into Shakespeare quotes. By choosing up to three emojis which represent how you are feeling will then generate a quote which encapsulates all of the emotions input, which is a pretty neat way to get youngsters interested in Shakespeare. The generator also creates a social media-friendly image with the quote in the middle which can then be shared with friends and downloaded. Here’s what you get with the emojis happiness, triumph, and bravery; “dream of success and happy victory” from Richard III. You can create your own here


Rejected Snow White Dwarves

For no apparent reason, this week #RejectedSnowWhiteDwarves has been trending on Twitter with some hilarious results. The hashtag could probably be changed to #IfPoliticiansWereDwarves with the most commonly suggested names involving David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and even disgraced Culture Secretary John Whittingdale. Here are a few of my favourites. 

UK Digital Ad Spend Increases

An Internet Advertising Bureau UK Digital ad spend report this week revealed that British businesses are now spending in excess of £8.61 billion on advertising a year. This is a rise of 16.4% which is the highest increase in spend since the midst of the recession in 2008. It seems that 2015 really was “the year of the mobile” with increased spend in this channel reaching 60%. The full report can be found here

iab ad growth

Virtual Birth Control

A study this week has revealed that an app that tracks female fertility peaks and dips is actually as reliable as the pill for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Natural Cycles is an app which when you record your daily temperature will tell you whether your natural fertility is low or high – a green reading means it is a low-risk of pregnancy day and a red reading means pregnancy could occur. It seems we nearly are at the point when we really could live our whole lives by our phones! 


And Finally…

You have probably by now had your government-backed pro-EU leaflet land on your doormat and you may or may not have spotted the similarities between its layout and a popular card game. Software  Engineer, Jenny Owen, spotted the similarities between the design of the leaflet and the format of Cards Against Humanity and so used the leaflet to answer question cards and fill in blanks which caused hilarious results such as “during sex I like to think about”… “the benefits of EU membership”. Her tweets have been shared over 2,000 times and labelled Cards Against EUmanity. 


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