This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Leicester City FC Takeover Twitter

On Monday, it was confirmed that footballing underdogs, Leicester City FC, had won the Barclay’s Premier League and Twitter exploded. Twitter themselves noted that the average activity for the UK on Monday night increased by 86%! That’s a lot of new fans for the first-time winners. 

A very simple tweet that was released just minutes after the Chelsea and Tottenham match resulted in a draw, meaning LCFC had guaranteed victory, was retweeted over 400,000 times making it the most shared sporting moment in history and the 17th most shared tweet ever. 


Baidu’s Shares Plummet

Chinese search engine giant, Baidu, has seen its share priceshutterstock_369583355 plummet this week due to an investigation that has been launched after a student who found an experimental cancer treatment advert on the search engine died. 

Baidu is under scrutiny due to allegations that state the search engine simply serves adverts from the highest bidder rather than having a process to check the validity of advertisers and their claims. Baidu’s share prices fell by over five billion dollars in the US after the investigation into the student’s death by the Chinese internet regulator was revealed.

Krispy Kreme “Leak” New Flavour

In an accidental email mishap, Krispy Kreme announced to its email subscribers that there will be a new Nutella flavour doughnut to be released rather than its store managers. The memo which included instructions to staff on how to deal with extreme customer reactions such as “dribbling” and “fainting” seemed rather odd for an internal document. The instruction to managers to avoid sharing the news on social media sparked huge numbers of people to go straight to social media to share the news. The email has been labelled a rather blatant marketing ploy but Krispy Kreme has stuck to its story of it being an accident and sent to the wrong list. 

Krispy Kreme email

Siemens’ rebrand is cringeworthy 

Siemens’ healthcare arm, previously known as simply Siemens Healthcare, has made a bold decision to rebrand under the name Siemens Healthineers. Sounds cringy already… CEO of the company, Bernd Montag said: “Our new name is a bold signal for our ambition and expresses our identity as a people company – 45,000 employees worldwide who are passionate about empowering healthcare providers to optimally serve their patients.” But it gets better when you see this video of how the rebrand was launched to the staff with this awful song with orange and blue morph suit-dressed dancers jumping around. Facepalms all around for Siemens I’m afraid…

And Finally…

Fancy face-swapping with your favourite film and television stars? Netflix has launched a new outdoor advertising campaign that prompts social media sharing by setting up posters in Paris of stars from shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black with space to take a selfie next to them and face swap with the hashtag #NetflixSwap. This is a great example of encouraging online brand engagement from offline an offline marketimg campaign.