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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Instagram’s rebrand gets mixed reviews

Instagram has shaken up its image and ditched the retro-look camera logo in favour of a colourful bold icon design. The new design has had a mixed response from avid fans of the social media platform –  it seems to be THAT gradient that is really offending people. The below video is Instagram’s attempt to rationalise their design process. 

But as you can see from the Twitter responses, a lot of jokes were being directed Instagram’s way since it was launched. 



Google bans payday loan ads

This week Google has taken the bold move to ban all paydayshutterstock_210676519 loan providers from advertising on their search engine. The rise of quick-access cash with sky-high interest rates has long been a moral dilemma but on Wednesday Google’s director of product policy David Graff said: “our hope is that fewer people will be exposed to misleading or harmful products.” The new ruling will come into place on 13th July and will affect anyone offering loans that have to be repaid within 60 days or have an interest rate of greater than 36%. Payday loans now join a list of other prohibited goods that are banned from paid advertising on the internet giant’s platform including weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and fireworks. 

WhatsApp launches desktop app

This week WhatsApp has launched its very own desktop app that can sync through from your mobile account. Billed as “simply an extension of your phone” the app is available for anyone with Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+. Having an app rather than a browser-based system means that notifications will be displayed more prominently. 


Hillsborough survivor searches for his hero

27 years ago a Hillsborough disaster survivor, then aged eight, was rescued from being crushed when a stranger put him on his shoulders and led him to safety. Joe Smith, now 35, is now searching for his hero after watching a BBC2 documentary which showed him images of his escape for the very first time. His Facebook post to find the stranger has since been shared over 133,000 times. Joe told the BBC yesterday that he is now following up “one strong lead” and would just like to be able to buy the man a pint. 

facebook post

And Finally…

Yes, this technically didn’t happen THIS week, but it did happen this week 10 years ago – and it is still one of my favourite viral videos ever, so I just had to put this in! One whole decade ago Guy Goma accidentally became an internet sensation when he was mistakenly interviewed live on the BBC News channel as an “internet expert” when he was really only there for an IT job interview. They literally got the wrong “Guy”… the BBC themselves celebrated the 10th anniversary of the gaff with this video.