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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Chewbacca mask mom

If you haven’t seen Candace Payne’s joyous video of her sheer delight at a new Chewbacca mask purchase, then where have you been? The video of the Texan mother of two has become the most watched Facebook Live video ever with close to 150 million views already (smashing the previous record set by Buzzfeed with only 10 million views). Just in case you haven’t seen it I have included it below – even if you have it’s worth watching again just to bring a bit of fun into your day.

“Since the video went viral, everyone has wanted a piece of Candace: James Corden got her to appear on his show, Facebook gave her a day to remember and Kohl’s, the store she bought the mask from, treated her and her family to mountain of Star Wars goodies and a $2,500 gift card.


Twitter increases character limit

This week Twitter announced that it is to relax the 140 character limit of a tweet by not using up precious space with media attachments such as URLs, images and GIFs. The rollout will take a few months to come into place and will also include the functionality to quote or retweet yourself to add new insights or boost the reach of a previously missed tweet. When replying to conversations on Twitter, names referred to with a Twitter @ handle will also be immune from the character limit – meaning you won’t have to scrimp around for shorter words to reply with.

Brian May takes on Google Cardboard

Yes, you read right. Eccentric rock star, Brian May, (the frizzy-haired one from Queen) who is apparently a great fan of the Victorian technology stereography, has launched a new virtual reality headset. Essentially it is looking through a device to give the illusion of depth to flat images. The Owl VR Headset, which has been designed by May himself, has the ability to work with smartphones, meaning that it is taking on Google Cardboard at its own game – but for a much higher cost. You can pick up a cardboard version of the technology from Google for around £3 on eBay, but May’s plastic celebrity-endorsed version comes in at £25 plus £7 delivery. I think May might have to keep rocking that guitar to keep the pennies coming in for now.


Aldi toasts new ecommerce site

Aldi has celebrated the launch of its new ecommerce site with a pop-up shop in Shoreditch, London, to coincide with London’s Wine Week. The shop, which has been in place since yesterday,  is open until tomorrow showcases Aldi’s ever-increasingly popular range of wine for customers to try and then buy online and have delivered to their homes through tablets lined up in the store.


And finally…

Facebook has had to apologise after banning an advert of a plus size model because it “depicts a body… in an undesirable manner”. The advert was set up by Australian feminist group, Cherchez La Femme, to promote body positivity was refused by Facebook and then reinstated after a backlash of complaints.