This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Like Us or Else

Want to know how NOT to build your social media following? An apartment company in Utah, America, has come under fire this week for trying to add an amendment to its tenants’ contracts which stated that they must like and friend the company’s Facebook page. City Apartments in Salt Lake City taped the new agreement to their residents’ doors to sign, but instead they went straight to local media outlet, NSL, who ousted the company’s behaviour. Since the news broke, City Apartment’s Facebook page received numerous negative reviews and comments and has since been removed. Yelp and also received a barrage of negativity for the company, showing how damaging misuse of social media can be for businesses. 


Swipe Right to Vote?

How do you engage the younger demographic to vote in the upcoming EU election? Well, apparently you get yourself on Tinder and let them swipe away to their hearts’ content. In order to encourage the younger generation to think about the upcoming EU referendum, Tinder now has a “Swipe the Vote” section which will pop-up randomly and give users statements such as “citizens of EU member countries have a guaranteed right to live, work or study in another EU member country” and are then asked to swipe right for fact and left for fiction. There is also the option to skip the quiz and register to vote. This is a really innovative way of getting content in front of a demographic that could make a huge difference in the EU referendum later this month.  


Cjnczp0XIAAA3xHHave You got the X-Factor?

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next One Direction or Leona Lewis, but can’t be bothered to spend a whole day queuing to audition? The X-Factor is the latest advocate of the new Facebook Live functionality meaning that you can now audition for the show from the comfort of your sofa – in your pyjamas if you like. On Sunday, slots were given to hundreds of hopefuls to voice their talents to judges online. Video uploads are still open until 1st July: I suggest sending a late-night karaoke video, it’s bound to get noticed. 

Been Waiting for a Fun Way to Apply Sun Cream?

If you’ve ever had to wrestle a small child to apply sunscreen, then a new stunt by Nivea could be the best thing you’ve seen all week. The SunSlide is a new kind of inflatable water slide that coats children in an even layer of sun protection whilst having the time of their lives. The slide was setup in Cape Town, as South Africa is said to have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. I bet you can’t watch this clip without wanting to test it out yourself! 

And Finally…

The world’s fastest growing language is gaining 72 new icons. It has been revealed that shortly we will be able to benefit from new icons such as cowboy hat, wilted flower, stuffed flatbread and shrimp. I mean, what have we done without these new additions to our keyboard?! The worldwide phenomenon only seems to be getting bigger and, be honest, I’m sure you’ve composed a few messages completely made up of our favourite pictorial emotions.