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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

How not to Write an Email Subject Line

This week wearable tech company, Jawbone, has angered its email subscribers by sending out an email with the subject line “Re: Your Dad”, intended to look like it was someone forwarding something about… your dad. Doesn’t sound too outlandish, but what if your father has died?! Now it could start to be pretty distressing. The US company received a barrage of complaints for the crass marketing stunt on Twitter with angry recipients saying that that the tactic was “intrusive”, “insensitive” and “distressing”.  Jawbone has now responded personally to these tweets, but has still yet to publicly apologise. 

 Virtual Whisky Tasting, Anyone?

Okay, so virtual whisky tasting would be a little hard to do (how good does that sound?) but Glenfiddich has taken a step in the right direction by allowing whisky drinkers globally to take a virtual tour of their famous distillery. The video which utilises YouTube’s recently updated virtual reality capabilities enables the viewer to take a 360º look at the process the popular tipple goes through. Your virtual guide will tell you to “look behind you” to ensure you are making use of the full picture. This is a great example of a traditional brand embracing emerging technology. 

Euro 2016 Lights Up Paris

Today marks the start of the Euro 2016 football tournament and Twitter has launched a set of custom hashtags to generate emojis to support your favourite team. The hashtag #Euro2016 generates a trophy icon, and individual hashtags for each country generate a flag icon. #ENG will give you the St George’s cross for example. Not only can you show support, if your country hashtag is the most popular on the day, you will be rewarded with having the Eiffel Tower lit up your national colours for ten minutes after the last game has played. Twitter, in partnership with Orange, will also display the top tweets from the day on the giant landmark.

Cheaper contract for extra ads?

Tesco Mobile is to launch a new way for you to get money off your monthly phone contract: by serving you lots of adverts. For the £3 deduction to be applied to their bill, users have to download an app which enables the additional adverts to be shown. They will also receive 200MB of extra data to accommodate the new feature. I’m not sure how much this will be taken up though – the rise of ad blockers suggests that many people may be willing to pay the additional cost rather than remove the adverts. 

And Finally…

Google is testing filter buttons for Shopping ads which could mean users will be able to filter by: available in-store; top rated; and up to a certain price. The test was spotted yesterday by Merkle RKG who did a search for “keurig coffee makers”. There is also a new feature which highlights the distance to the nearest store should you want to buy offline. Any further developments on this will be passed on as soon as we have more information.

Google tests Shopping filters