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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Please, Google

This week a grandmother from Wigan has gone viral after her grandson, Ben John, tweeted a picture of her search history which showed that every time she searched on Google she would say “please” and “thank you”. 85-year-old May Ashworth told her grandson she thought it was just the norm to type in please and thank you when asking the search engine a question. After the initial positive response to the tweet, Ben asked Google to thank his Gran for being so polite – and they did!

Food Taxi

Global taxi app, Uber, is no longer just going to be able to take you home at the end of a night, it could also be delivering your takeaway. UberEats launched in London yesterday, and promises to have your favourite food from top restaurants delivered within half an hour, using the same click-of-a-button approach it uses for its cars. London is only the second city in Europe, after Paris, to get the new technology, so it could take a while to reach the rest of the country. Up here in Leeds, I might have to stick to waiting in the takeaway before my ride home for a while yet. 


Iceland Adopts Iceland

As Euro 2016 is well under way now, tournament underdogs, Iceland, had a brilliant game on Tuesday where they played valiantly to limit Portugal to a one-all draw. The low-cost supermarket Iceland, has taken Iceland (the football team) as its adopted home team throughout the tournament and has been sharing witty anecdotes about the team on social media.

However, Iceland got a bit cocky and tweeted Nando’s about the game in the misplaced belief that they were Portuguese – turns out they are South African – who knew?! Iceland retorted well though…



And… their advertising gets better with paid advert listings for “Ronaldo” being shown after the game. A really great example of creative integrated marketing. 

Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn

Professional social network LinkedIn has been bought for $26.2bn this week by Microsoft. Microsoft will now have access to 433 million users’ data. LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, explained to employees that he had sold to Microsoft as “essentially, we’re both trying to do the same thing but coming at it from two different places”. Other big-hitters in the technology world missed out on the deal – Salesforce was in the running to clinch the takeover too. The official handover is expected to take place later this year. 

And Finally…

Be careful with those sponsored social media posts – it may just end up being brand damaging rather than brand enhancing. Just take the latest example from Naomi Campbell who posted a picture of herself on Instagram with a pair of Adidas trainers – but she forgot to delete the PR’s comment telling her what to write. Awkward.  The comment has since been removed but the internet is full of screenshots of the gaff, so here it is again.