This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital


I don’t think there will be a single article online today that will not mention the EU referendum in some way or another. Whatever your thoughts are today, the majority of the UK public has decided to leave the European Union. So whether you are celebrating or commiserating, let’s not dwell on the politics and instead look at some of the biggest social media moments from voting day. 


They are back! Polling stations and dogs just seem to fit together these days. It’s starting to feel like a barrage of social media tweets of dogs outside village halls and schools on voting day is just the norm. And it wasn’t just political pet owners that got in on the action, brands also latched onto the trending hashtag with a satirical edge. 

Tony Blair Has Done What?

So yesterday ex-Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair, showed his support for the Remain campaign on Twitter by posting a picture of himself with a sign saying “I voted remain”. What could go wrong? Well, it didn’t take those crafty creatives long to start photoshopping the card to display rather different topical messages. 

Chicken and a Charger

KFC is no stranger to digital innovation and elaborate marketing stunts. The brand’s latest offering comes in the form of a box meal that can charge your phone! The “Watt a Box” which has been released in India this week, has all of your favourite fried chicken delights with the added functionality to plug in a USB charger to charge all of your portable gadgets while you scoff. Sounds pretty good, but apparently, it only added an additional 17% battery life to an iPhone after a 30-minute meal. 


Ford Plays with The Test Drive

The humble test drive has been turned on its head by Ford in New York this week. Taking the popular Escape the Room format whereby challengers have to solve puzzles in order to make their way out of the building, Ford has set up a large-scale drive-around version which has participants running around the “streets of New York” completing tasks such as picking up coffee. The challenges all make use of the Ford Escape’s features such as active park assist, 360-degree cameras and remote start and lock. 

Ginger Kasanic, Ford’s experiential marketing manager said: “Whether you win the game or not, you’ll spend an hour with the brand, and you’ll have used nine features in the context of life. It shows how a city-dweller in New York would really use that feature.”


And Finally…

YouTube has released an uplifting video focusing on gender identity and sexuality. Coming only weeks after the tragic Florida shooting, the message of the video is clearly that now more than ever we should be standing together. The video’s caption says; “to those beautiful and brave voices who continue to make YouTube the vibrant, diverse and empathetic community it is, we are #ProudToBe with you”.