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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

50 Years of Hurt

On Monday, the England football team bowed out of the Euro 2016 tournament, losing 2-1 to the competition underdogs, Iceland. Social media had a lot to say about the poor performance of the team who failed to dominate a match that on paper should have been a trouncing. England’s goalkeeper, Joe Hart, took the brunt of the criticism letting in two goals in the first twenty minutes of the match. Here are some of my favourite tweets.



A Gift for Imagination

This week Lego released a video on YouTube and social media which celebrates the power of a child’s imagination. Taiwan has one of the longest working days in the world, meaning that working parents do not spend as much time with their children as they might like. In this short film we follow a young boy, Hsiao Feng, who tells us about his dad who makes and sells cars for a living. Using Lego and his imagination he builds a really strong car which would make his dad less tired and therefore able to spend more time at home. It’s a very sweet tale that will pull on anyone’s heartstrings.

Peacocks Are Scary

When a Reddit user posted a picture of their daughter being terrified by a peacock at a local petting zoo, the photo-shoppers of Reddit took this as too good an opportunity to miss. From placing the screaming girl in film posters to switching the chase around, there were dozens of reactions to this seemingly unassuming post.

Here is the original:


And then here are some of my favourite photoshopped versions:




Boris Brexits

In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the position of Conservative Leader and Prime Minister is up for grabs following David Cameron’s resignation. Boris Johnson, who led the “Leave” campaign, was almost certain to run for the position until he announced yesterday that he would not be putting himself forward. Twitter reactions to the news were priceless as ever.


And Finally…

A controversial advert created by pharmaceutical giant Bayer for Aspirina has been pulled following a social media backlash due to the sexist content. The advert, which plastered the slogan “Don’t worry babe, I’m not filming this”.mov” across it, won a Cannes Lion Bronze award despite the content, and marketers were not happy about it. Bayer has distanced themselves from the campaign pinning it on their creative agency BBDO who they have instructed to remove all of the adverts.