This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

In a Dash?

Amazon is taking one-click ordering to the next level with the introduction of Amazon Dash. Amazon’s latest offering is a button which can be synced with your wi-fi and Amazon account to reorder your most commonly used items. For example, if you’re on your last roll of toilet paper you can press the button and a new order will be dispatched without even picking up a device. Each button relates to one product-specific item so you could end up with a house full of them! The devices cost £4.99 each but are pre-loaded with £4.99, so essentially as long as you buy at least a fiver’s worth of any given item the button is free. Brands such as Ariel, Andrex, Pedigree and Huggies are already on board. To stop any abuse of the system, there is a limit on the number of items that can be dispatched at once – a good idea if you have young, inquisitive fingers around the house.  


Sheep Map the Faroe Islands

Mapping the remote Faroe Islands, which sit between Norway and Iceland, has been a tricky business with most of the islands not being accessible by road, but islanders have been campaigning for Google Street View for a while. What the island does boast in abundance though is sheep. Google has loaned islanders street view cameras to be strapped to the hardy animals so that a more accurate picture of the island’s geography can be mapped. The 360° video below gives you a flavour of the images they are currently collecting. 

Zoom in on Instagram

This week Instagram revealed that it now allows you to zoom in on images and videos in your feed and on profiles. The new feature uses a pinch to zoom function, so be careful when using the old-school method of double tapping to zoom as this will cause you to like the post – and that’s never a good idea when you’re checking up on what your ex is up to these days… 

Name the Gorilla

When Philadelphia Zoo asked for name suggestions for its baby gorilla, which was born this week, there seemed to be a huge consensus: Harambe. The name was a very popular suggestion in memory of the silver-back gorilla that was shot dead after a toddler fell into his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo earlier in the year. Although there have been hundreds of people making this name suggestion, Philadelphia Zoo has neither confirmed nor denied whether Harambe will be an option when the votes open to name the youngster. 

And Finally…

Grandparents, Ed and Fran Gargiula, have gone viral this week after their grandson, Anthony, tweeted a picture of them showing an array of their matching outfits, which they have now been sporting for 18 months. Anthony also revealed he gets a text message every morning with a picture of his grandparent’s matching attire. The world fell in love with them and the tweet has been shared nearly 40,000 times already. Awwww….