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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital


On Tuesday, when Sky Sports News asked their Twitter followers to suggest questions to be asked to British Olympian, Mo Farah, the public dutifully responded in droves. But not with the types of questions they were perhaps expecting. Instead of questions regarding how it feels to be a successful athlete, the main questions surrounded a much more sinister sporting topic: doping. There is a lesson to be learnt here. If you want the public to offer suggestions, make sure the subject matter is not open to controversy! I bet Sky Sports’ marketing team had a nightmare this week. 

shutterstock_862688-1Warner Brothers Dob Themselves In

It’s not every day that an international corporation asks the world’s largest search engine, Google, to remove links to their content. But that’s just what Warner Brothers has done this week. The film giant has claimed that the content on its site, as well as other video streaming services such as Amazon and NetFlix, violates copyright and therefore links to this content from major search engines should be removed. Ernesto van der Sar, from Torrent Freak, who initially spotted the story said: “Warner is inadvertently trying to make it harder for the public to find links to legitimate content, which runs counter to its intentions.”

Tired of Tech-Addicted Kids?

Dolmio has had a lot of bad press recently with the revelation of how much sugar is in the ready-made sauces and just how bad they are for you. But Dolmio has not let that stop them coming up with a new viral campaign that has already been viewed over a million times on YouTube. The video sets up four unsuspecting children who are addicted to technology to see just what they are oblivious to when engrossed in their online world. Sitting around the family dinner table ready to have a family meal, aspects of the room change to see how much it takes for the children to acknowledge their surroundings. And guess what, it takes a complete disconnect from wifi to see them stir. The resulting video is rather funny. 

Seventh Heaven?

iphone7-press-01-970-80This week the iPhone 7 was released and as the tech world predicted, there is no longer a headphone jack. Instead, the headphones are now to be plugged into the lightning port meaning that listening to your favourite music and charging your phone at the same time is only possible with wireless headphones – which aren’t included in the price tag (starting at £599 and reaching £919 for the plus version) and will cost an additional £159. The latest Apple offering also takes inspiration from the latest Samsung phones and are water resistant. 

And Finally…

The Paralympics got underway in Rio this week and Maltesers has celebrated with three new adverts showcasing the lighter side of disability. Shown throughout coverage of the games, and in association with the charity, Scope, social media has had a really enthusiastic response to more positive representations of disability. The adverts include this one below which is entirely in sign language.