This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Tom Hanks Crashes the Wedding

This week, Hollywood nice guy, Tom Hanks, made a young couple’s big day even more special by casually congratulating them as they took photos in Central Park, New York. The moment was captured on film and has since sent the world’s media into overdrive. The actor, who was jogging through the park at the time, asked Elizabeth and Ryan if he could have a selfie with them and then tweeted out the resulting pic. It has since been liked and shared over twenty thousand times. The video shows what an all-round nice guy Mr Hanks is as he joked with the pair that he is an ordained minister “if the other guy cancels”. 


Celebs Strip to Get You to Vote

Avid Hilary Clinton supporter, Katy Perry, has been causing a stir this week in a tongue-in-cheek video to get more people to vote in the US presidential election which is upcoming in November. Perry targets young voters in the video with the message that “you can wear anything to vote” after rolling out of bed in pyjamas and food remnants in her hair. However, as the singer finds out you are unable to vote naked. On Instagram the day before the video released, Katy Perry said: “tomorrow I use my body as click bait to change the world”. Madonna then also got in on the action with a semi-nude post on Instagram citing the video and pledging her support to the cause. 

snapchat-logo-2d9c3e7ada-seeklogo-comSnapchat becomes Snap

Snapchat has been rebranded this week to simply, Snap. The social media channel has decided to reposition themselves in the market as a camera company rather than simply social media. As part of this new launch, the company has announced plans to release a new product, Spectacles, which will be a pair o sunglasses wearers can use to record ten-second video clips. 

 And Finally… Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen

If you haven’t heard or seen this video popping up on your social media channels this week, then where have you been? This short music video from Japanese comedian and DJ, Kosaka Daimaou, has taken the world by storm and has been cited as the next Gangnam Style. The short film, only 50 seconds long, has the most bizarre concept f merging pineapples, apples and pens with a man dressed in gold leopard print, it could not get more surreal, but with over 11 million views it seems to have taken off regardless.