This week in digital

Danielle Birch

Digital Campaign Manager

This week in digital


This week, it was hard to miss the uproar surrounding Unilever and Tesco’s dispute over prices. It all started when Unilever, in reaction to the sharp drop in the pound’s value, attempted to increase its prices for retailers. However, Tesco resisted these changes and instead started removing beloved products from its website, including Marmite, Pot Noodle, and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. As you would expect, social media users were vocal in their response to the devastating news. Predictably, other brands started jumping on the news such as Skyscanner and Iceland Foods. A few hours later, the dispute was resolved and now you can again buy Marmite online from Tesco – leading to a collective sigh of relief across the nation.

Facebook in the Workplace


Most of us associate social media at work with procrastination, however, Facebook has given everyone an excuse to use it during office hours by launching Workplace. It’s an internal communications system to rival the likes of Skype for Business, Outlook and Gmail, available for use all over the world. The system itself has been used at Facebook HQ for years, so instead of just using it to keep in touch with friends and family, it can now be used to contact colleagues. The question is, will it manage to shake off its reputation for time wasting? 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is No More

After numerous complaints of the new Galaxy Note 7 setting on fire and causing injury and damage to consumers across the globe, Samsung has completely recalled the product and taken it off the shelves. Initially, Samsung replaced the faulty handsets, however, when these models started catching fire, the decision was made to take them off the market completely. The estimated cost of the recall to Samsung’s bottom line has increased from £1.9bn to £4bn, and this is without considering the costs of the damage to their brand’s reputation.

And finally…Ken Bone: Internet Sensation

During the second round of the US presidential election debates, the star of the show was neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but undecided voter Ken Bone. He asked a question about the candidates’ energy policies, but immediately became a star on social media for his somewhat unusual name and fashion sense. The internet fell in love, and a star was born. He’s appeared in media publications galore and has already landed the accolade of a Reddit AMA with over 12,000 comments. See the video below to watch the moment that Ken Bone became an internet phenomenon.