ReportLab: reporting software

Jimmy Mccann

Head of Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

ReportLabTM is Search Laboratory’s bespoke reporting tool. Developed by our in-house team, ReportLab brings together data from our proprietary tools and industry-leading software into a single customisable and interactive interface – one that lets our clients track the things that really matter to their business.

One interface, multiple reports

ReportLab integrates with third-party tools including Google Adwords, Search Console and Analytics, Amazon marketplace, SearchMetrics, SEMRush, ahrefs, and Moz, as well as proprietary Search Laboratory tools SEOLab and LinkLab.

ReportLab supports multiple domains through a single secure login and interface, saving you and your team time, and ensuring consistency of reporting throughout your business.

Access historical data and measure progress over time

Some industry standard tools, such as Google Search Console, only allow access to data for a limited period of time. There is no limit to the amount of historical data you can access from ReportLab.

Customise your reports and export in the format you need

ReportLab’s flexibility is one of its defining features: clients can easily and quickly set up and edit monthly, weekly or daily reports using the metrics and data that are important for your business. Reports can be exported in a choice of file types.

One license fee for all your digital marketing reporting

The cost of third party licensing can rapidly escalate, particularly when adding to the number of users. With ReportLab, Search Laboratory clients can access data from multiple market-leading tools for a single, manageable fee.

We regularly review the list of third-party tools that integrate with ReportLab.  We also offer custom integration services for clients that want to pull in data from additional tools, such as CRM or accounting software.

If you have a ReportLab account set up already, you can login here.

Please contact us to discuss your SEO, reporting and analytics needs.