This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

World’s Biggest Secret Santa?

No matter how big your work’s secret Santa is, chances are it’s nowhere near as big as this one. New Zealand has been doing a country-wide Secret Santa since 2010 and this year nearly 2,000 people have signed up – and it’s all organised through Twitter! Interested gifters sign up using their Twitter handle and give clues to the things they like and enjoy, using the hashtag #nzsecretsanta. All gifts are then shipped to a central Santa Storehouse where they are then forwarded to the giftee’s address. It is now such a big event, that it is run by the New Zealand Post. Anyone who misses the strict deadlines of when to send their gifts or registers too late will send gifts to a chosen charity, this year it is a children’s cancer charity, CanTeen. 

PacMan Invades Messenger

This week Facebook announced that you can now play your favourite games over Messenger and challenge your friends to some classic arcade games such as PacMan and Space Invaders. Facebook Instant Games allows users to play 17 games through both Messenger and the News Feed without having to download anything. High scores can then be shared with friends, so the competitive-natured among us may be glued to their phones for the duration of the upcoming festive period. 

College Uses Snapchat to Accept Students

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has taken a rather different approach to accepting its college students this week. As well as the standard acceptance pack through the post, the university has been using Snapchat to instantly let nervous teens know they have been given a place. The university has said that they have received really positive feedback from using this channel to connect with their audience and have been sending “excited” selfies back once they received the message. 


And Finally…

This week an advert in a local paper went viral after 89-year-old war veteran, Joe Bartley from Devon, UK, sought work to stop him from “dying of boredom”. He was inundated with requests once the advert was released and has been covered on local and national news channels. Mr Bartley has been lonely since his wife died two years ago and feels like having a job would make him feel more like himself again.