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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Success Kid Saves Dad’s Life

Remember “Success Kid”? Well, believe it or not, he is now 10 years old! Sammy Griner, from Jacksonville, Florida, shot to fame back in 2010 when a photo of him with a determined look and fistful of sand became known as the “success kid”, sparking a multitude of memes floating around the internet. This week, Sammy has popped up on the internet once again after reports that he had helped save his father’s life. Sammy’s father, Justin, suffered from kidney failure in 2009 and was placed on dialysis until 2015 when he was told he would need a kidney transplant. The family set up a GoFundMe page, and when the world found out this was the father of “Success Kid”, donations started to flood in. They managed to raise $100,000 in just a matter of days and this was spent on his care and treatment. 


Emoji Search

Google now understands emojis and will serve local search results from a single emoji tweet to their Twitter account. Google will then respond with a fun gif and a link to local search results related to the emoji posted. So if you’re looking for a burger place nearby simply type the burger emoji to @Google and you’ll get some recommendations from local listings. 

Top Twitter moments

This week Twitter released the top talking points from 2016 in a blog with a corresponding hashtag #ThisHappened. The main talking point globally was the Rio Olympics, followed by the US presidential election. The top ten didn’t really hold any surprises but PokemonGo outranked Brexit, showing the scale of the hype around the launch in the summer. RIP was ranked 9th after a flurry of iconic figures passed away this year including David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali to name a few.

Another Christmas Ad to Melt Your Heart

This week’s Christmas ad comes from Polish auction site, Allegro. The short film follows an old man who randomly decides to start learning English, with some rather comical results – watch out for the rubber duck in the bath scene. As time passes and the film approaches the Christmas period it suddenly becomes clear why he has been dedicating so much time to learning phrases such as “I love you”.  (Be warned there are a few swear words included and it may bring a tear to your eye.) 

And Finally…

Ikea has changed a number of its most popular products to coincide with its “Where Life Happens” campaign. Using a few of the most searched for queries relating to family issues, the renamed products now offer solutions to relationship problems. One of my favourites is “My Partner Snores”, which leads you to a daybed.