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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Are you as boozy as a Belarusian?

The BBC has launched an interactive calculator which benchmarks your drinking habits against the average of other countries. The data was compiled by WHO by looking at the average amount and types of drinks consumed in countries around the world. By typing in how many beers, wines or spirits you have had in the last week will tell you what country your drinking habits are most closely aligned. So, if we take my rather civilised last weekend of two glasses of wine and three G&Ts, apparently that makes me most like the average drinker in Turkmenistan (this is all subject to change at tonight’s Christmas party…). The data quotes the average drinker in Belarus as the heaviest drinker with 17.5 litres of alcohol drunk in just one week whereas, on the other side of the spectrum, people in Kuwait only drink 0.1 litres. 


Virgin Trains Christmas Giveaway

I don’t often envy commuters travelling through Kings Cross, London, every day, but when a train made up entirely of 1,000 gifts lands in the station, it did make me a little jealous that I wasn’t there. As a fittingly festive PR stunt, Virgin Trains created a replica of its new Azuma train, which will come into circulation in 2018. The gifts included iPads, vouchers for hot air balloon rides and pamper days and even folding bikes. Commuters queued for four hours to get their hands on the treats – bet that’s the first time they haven’t complained about being late for work due to the rail network! 


The Boy Who Loves to Study

Last year, the story of a nine-year-old boy from the Philippines went viral after a student spotted him using the light of his local McDonald’s to do his homework and shared the picture on social media. A year on, and after hundreds of donations poured in for the young boy who loves to learn, McDonald’s has released a short film updating us all on his progress. For such a huge global franchise the video is understated, emotional and will give you a warm festive feeling. Watch the video below to find out what he is doing now. 

And Finally…

This week Twitter has announced that it is following in Facebook’s footsteps and launching a GoLive function. Users will be able to use the new function through the app, which will be powered by Periscope. To use the new functionality, all you need to do is compose your tweet, hit the “LIVE” button which will then allow you to frame what you want to shoot and then simply click “Go Live” to start broadcasting to the world.