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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Whopper Exchange

If you’re worrying already about the rubbish presents you may be receiving this weekend, then there may be a solution from an unlikely source. Burger King is tempting diners to come and exchange their unwanted gifts on Boxing Day for a Whopper. But before you rush out to your local BK, be warned there are only actually three stores around the world that are getting involved. Leicester Square, London and Miami Beach, Florida. However, anyone can get involved via social media using the hashtag #WhopperExchange – although this could be risky if the person who sent you the gift follows you… The gifts that are handed in will then be given to The Salvation Army who will use the gifts to brighten someone else’s day.

Safety Tests for Drone Flyers?

Tshutterstock_428670538he UK government is debating whether or not to enforce a safety test for anyone purchasing a drone. This could also be accompanied by a new criminal offence for misuse of a drone including flying it over a strict no-fly zone or too near to buildings and people. With some forward-thinking retailers already trying out drone-based delivery options, new regulations such as this could seriously hold back this emerging delivery option.

Unlikely Brand Advocate for Lidl

If you had to come up with a fitting celebrity to collaborate with German supermarket chain, Lidl, I bet you would never have guessed who they have just signed up to launch a range of haircare products with. Multi-millionaire heiress Paris Hilton certainly wouldn’t have been my first thought. And it seems many of you had the same reaction to this news as me. Twitter went into overdrive with disbelief at the seemingly ill-matched alliance.

Does Google Spy on Its Workforce?

This week a lawsuit was filed against search engine giant,shutterstock_488633044 Google, for allegedly running an internal “spying program” which encouraged employees to hand in colleagues that have been leaking information. Other stringent rules and regulations listed in the accusations include being forbidden to write a novel about the Silicon Valley company without company approval of the fiction, being threatened with firing for leaking information to the press and an all out ban on work related issues such as pay. In an email statement to Mashable, Google replied that these allegations were “baseless” and that “our employee confidentiality requirements are designed to protect proprietary business information, while not preventing employees from disclosing information about terms and conditions of employment, or workplace concerns.”

And Finally…

The big day is almost upon us so there isn’t much time to get yourself back on the “nice” list ready for Santa to make his annual trip around the world on Saturday night. AT&T is using Facebook Live to give an update on which children currently have their names on which list. Santa Live will be filmed from the North Pole (a ranch in California….. shhhhhhhhh) and allows parents to tell Santa which list their child should be on so that he can read their names out in a live broadcast. The event takes place today at 12 noon EST (5pm GMT) and I’m sure Santa will have an awful lot of names to get through.

This Week in Digital will be going on a week-long festive break but will return in the new year, ready to fill you in on all the latest digital news. On behalf of the whole team at Search Laboratory, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2017.