This week in digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Facebook steals Snapchat concept… again

Facebook launched a new feature on Thursday which seems to be rather similar, once again, to one of Snapchat’s. Facebook’s Messenger app now has a disappearing photo feature called Messenger Day, where users can upload a photo for 24 hours before disappearing into the ether. This comes only weeks after Facebook-owned WhatsApp created a new “Stories” feature. The good news is you can decide who you want to see the snap so you won’t be bothering your distant relatives with drunken antics.

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Sibling prank goes viral

This week Samuel Annis switched his sister’s goldfish for carrots and when she didn’t notice for three days and he tweeted photo evidence, the news went viral. The comments that ensued were just as hilarious as the prank itself, with gems such as “she doesn’t carrot all about her fish”. Others were worried for the safety of the fish but they were reassured that they had been relocated to a tank in Sam’s room.

Bing offers Pokemon fans dinner options

Apparently, there are some people out there that are still riding the wave of the Pokemon craze, as Bing has now added a filtering option to its searches which allows you to opt for places with Pokestops nearby. So, if you are looking for a Chinese restaurant, as in the example below, you can now decide where to go based on where you can find some stray Pokemon nearby.


Pawfect car for dogs

With the start of Crufts this week, it seems apt that Nissan has released some “new” features to its 4×4, X-trail. The features include a doggy ramp, a two-way ‘dog cam’, water shower, dryer and a self-dispensing dog bowl. Maybe I’m just cynical, but I imagine this is merely a stunt to get in front of a mass audience of dog lovers.

And finally…

Game of Thrones fans around the world were left with a rather cold feeling when HBO used Facebook Live to announce the date of the launch of series seven of the drama by melting a huge block of ice to reveal the date everyone had been waiting for. Followers were asked to comment on the video with the word “FIRE”, which would then spurt fire at the huge block of ice, which would melt and reveal the date. Unfortunately, fans weren’t impressed with the icy stunt.