This week in digital

Danielle Birch

Digital Campaign Manager

This week in digital

Professor interrupted in live interview – by his children

If you’ve not heard about this story then you’ve probably had a digital detox, as this is the biggest viral story of the year so far. Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed live on BBC News from his home in South Korea when his daughter Marion, aged four, burst into his office and hilarity ensued. She was then followed by her nine-month-old brother James, racing into the room in his walker, with their mother Kim Jung-a following behind, trying to usher them out as quickly as possible.

The video has been viewed 19 million times, and since then, Professor Kelly has conducted a follow-up interview with the Wall Street Journal, saying that he tried to continue the interview when Marion came in, but he “knew it was over” when his baby son followed in the walker. Needless to say, endless memes and GIFs have been flying around the internet since the interview, and I don’t think the hype is going to die down anytime soon.

48 million Twitter accounts might not be realTwitter Logo

New research by the University of Southern California and Indiana University has shown that up to 15 percent of Twitter accounts are bots rather than people. Researchers used various metrics such as content and sentiment, to ascertain that between 9% and 15% of active Twitter accounts are bots. As there are 319 million monthly Twitter users, this translates to nearly 48 million bot accounts.

This news could be problematic for Twitter, as they have struggled to compete against Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat when it comes to acquiring new users.

“Clear Knee Mom Jeans”

Every now and then, a product comes onto the market that makes you question whether or not it’s a genuine design idea or a clever marketing tactic. The latest controversial product to come to the market is a pair of “Clear Knee Mom Jeans“, a pair of jeans which have clear plastic on the knees. The Topshop product is available at Nordstrom and has caused a stir all over social media. For some reason, I don’t think these are going to be a big trend for Spring/Summer 2017…

DMOZ is no more

As of this week, DMOZ, the open source directory, will cease to exist. In the SEO world, this heralds the end of an era. In the early days of SEO, when Google was just starting to gain ground and search engines overall weren’t a great experience, directories like DMOZ were used by internet users to find the information they needed. As the SEO industry developed, earning links from DMOZ and Yahoo were the gold standard of link acquisition.

Things have changed monumentally over the past few years, Google is the go-to search engine and you can pretty much find whatever you want without ever coming across a directory. As a result, the use of DMOZ has declined rapidly and as of 14th March, it will no longer be updated. This news just reaffirms how far the industry has come, and how it’s about user experience and links from quality content that establishes a website’s authority.


And finally…

If you’ve not had your fill of cute videos, we’ve got one more to show you. Over the weekend, Crufts hit global screens once again. The famous dog competition always brings us an abundance of cute dogs, however, this year a rescue dog called Olly stole the show. The rescue dog took a bit of a tumble during his agility course, but soon got back up to finish the course. Cue “awws” around the office…