This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

Google Docs phishing scam

Many were caught out this week after a sophisticated phishing scam targeted Gmail users. The email posed as someone users knew and invited them to view a document sent via Google Docs. The scam was sent to around 1 million of its users.

Once users clicked on the link, they were taken to a Google sign- in screen and the scammers were able to view emails, send emails and extract contact information. Thankfully, Google responded quickly by removing fake pages and applications within an hour and reassured users they don’t need to take any further action if they opened the email.

Google Phishing

WhatsApp goes down

A sense of panic filled the air this week as millions of WhatsApp users were left unable to send and receive messages. Users were affected mainly in western Europe, the East Coast of the US and South America. The last major outage for WhatsApp happened on New Year’s Eve in 2015.

The incident quickly became the top trend on Twitter in the UK, with users using hashtags such as #whatsappdown to document a range of panic and humour. Thankfully, it was business as usual after around two hours of down time. We are glad to have you back, WhatsApp!

The digital duopoly is set to continue

The digital duopoly of Google and Facebook is set to continue with the news this week that the brands jointly pulled in one fifth of global ad spend across all media in 2016. The figures come from Zenith’s global ad spend report, which details the top 30 media owners worldwide. The report also showed that online advertising is now the world’s biggest medium after overtaking television.

Are the Hughes family the next Zuckerbergs?

GameDay XtraThe Hughes family, from Manchester, have quit their jobs and put all their money into building a new social media network for sports fans. Their new app is called GameDay Xtra and aims to host sports pages for every sports team and player in the world, right down to local clubs and players.

Users will be able follow their favourite clubs, get the latest breaking sports news, watch live games and create their own networks and groups. It hasn’t been an easy process though, with the family selling their cars, house and running out of money twice! They plan to turn the app into a similar business model to Facebook and Instagram.

And finally…

A singer from Leeds has gone viral after a video was uploaded of her performance with a busker in Leeds. Jade Helliwell, a full-time musician, asked Dawid Osial if she could join in his performance of Hallelujah during a night out and stunned everyone with her incredible voice. After racking up views of over 6 million in 24 hours, fans of the pair are suggesting they go on Britain’s Got Talent. Take a look at their incredible duet for yourself…