This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

Apple announces iOS 11

Apple announced this week that iOS 11 will be launching in September this year. The new update is set to have a whole host of new exciting features. The App Store will have a redesign, Apple Pay will allow you to pay individuals rather than just businesses, and Siri will have a new voice and be able to translate English words and phrases into several languages.

There will also be a new ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode, which will automatically activate based on your movements or whether you are connected to an in car stereo. The new mode stops you receiving notifications and will auto-reply to messages on your behalf to say you are unavailable.

Theresa May vs the internet

During a speech this week, Theresa May called for internet companies to end the “safe spaces” they are providing for terrorists after the recent London terror attack. She also called for international cyberspace regulation to help tackle ongoing issues, such as end-to-end encryption which stops intelligent services being able to access certain messaging apps.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have all defended their current work to help end extremism. Given this week’s election result, we will have to wait and see how the government aim to tackle this in future.

‘Be Internet Awesome’

Google has launched a new educational tool to keep children safe online this week called ‘Be Internet Awesome’. The aim of the tool is to help kids make smart decisions online and includes sections on avoiding scams, creating strong passwords and avoiding negative online behaviour.

A video game is included in the tool, called Interland, where children combat online bullies, hackers and phishers making them ‘good digital citizens’. Watch the video below to see more about Interland.

Facebook’s new ‘Talk’ app

Many parents know the struggle of monitoring who their children communicate with online, but rumours are surfacing that Facebook is secretly developing a messaging app that may be able to help.

The app, called ‘Talk’, is aimed at users 13 and over and contains a number of features to enable parents to control who their child is able to communicate with online. We will have to wait and see if this app is launched is the near future.

And finally…

Conservative candidate Sir Greg Knight has gone viral this week with his unique campaign video. It may certainly have helped his campaign as Sir Greg managed to retain his seat in East Yorkshire. Watch below and see why the there are calls for him to be the next prime minister…