This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

“When’s my next bus?”

Transport for London has answered many commuters’ prayers this week with a new social media tool, TravelBot, accessible through Facebook Messenger.

The AI powered chatbot can answer questions regarding arrival times and service updates for the Tube, London Overground, TfL Rail, London Trams and DLR.  It can also refer people to a customer service team if they need more help. Over time, the service will become more precise with its responses as it learns and becomes more intelligent.

Facebook tackles terrorism with AI

This week, Facebook announced their plans for helping to tackle terrorist-related content. The social media network has been criticised recently for not doing enough to tackle extremist content on their platform.

The company is now using artificial intelligence to spot images and video related to terrorism. They are also currently analysing text that has previously been removed for supporting terrorism so they can develop an algorithm to detect similar copy. Previously this year, Facebook announced they were adding 3,000 additional employees to review content that has been flagged by users.

Katy Perry livestreams her life on YouTube

As part of the promotional campaign for her latest album, Witness, Katy Perry came up with a rather unique way of grabbing people’s attention. The singer spent four days this week in an apartment with 41 cameras livestreaming her life on YouTube.

She called the apartment her Witness Worldwide Headquarters and was visited by several celebrity friends while she was in there, including James Corden and Caitlyn Jenner. Katy also took part in a therapy session, had a cooking lesson with Gordon Ramsay and ended the event with a live concert on Monday.

Driverless taxis could be coming soon

Delphi, an automotive electronics and parts maker, and Transdev, a French transport company, have launched a new test programme together for self-driving taxis.

Their new ‘on-demand, driverless services’ are set to be trialled on public roads from 2018. Initially the test will have humans on board but the idea is to create fully autonomous vehicles. There will be staff employed at a dispatch centre that will be able to take control of the vehicles in the event of an emergency. Two Renault Zoe taxis will be launched in Normandy as part of the initial test plan.

And finally…

A dad has gone viral this week over his son’s missing lunchbox. He was sent out to get a replacement lunchbox and his wife was certainly surprised by what he turned up with. Watch the video below for a fun end to your working week!