This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

Schools issue Snapchat Maps warning

A few weeks ago, Snapchat launched a new location-sharing feature. It allows users to share their location in real-time, which builds up a map of where your ‘friends’ on the app are. Schools are now warning parents that this new feature may be a safety risk for children, with many recommending that it should be completely switched off.

There are fears it may allow users to build up a picture of children’s movements to school, home and social activities. Whilst location information is only shared with ‘friends’ on the app, children may be inclined to add people they don’t know or people they have met online. Snapchat has responded to concerns by stressing that the new location-sharing feature is not switched on as default and users can switch to Ghost Mode at any time to stop sharing their location.

Apple testing 3D scanning software

This week, Bloomberg has reported that Apple’s new iPhone may have an exciting new face scanning feature.

Apple is reportedly testing 3D facial scanning software as a new way of logging into your phone in replacement of the current fingerprint scan for security, as rumours are the new iPhone will no longer have a home screen button. It would also allow users to access secure apps and authenticate payments using facial recognition.

Nike to sell on Instagram

In a bid to attract more younger customers and to tackle the distribution of counterfeit products, Nike is changing how it sells its products online.

The brand has announced a deal with Amazon to sell a limited number of products via their online shopping platform as well as announcing they will now sell directly through social media on Instagram. Instagram users will be able to buy Nike products without even having to leave the app.

Facebook launches Find Wi-Fi worldwide

Facebook announced this week that their Find Wi-Fi feature is going to be launched worldwide. The feature allows users to search for businesses nearby that offer free public Wi-Fi, ideal for areas with bad mobile signal or those with low data limits.

As part of a test, it was initially launched in a handful of countries on iOS devices only. Companies will need to state on Facebook that they offer free Wi-Fi on their page for them to appear in searches.

And finally…

Snapchat Spectacles were launched a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, they are not waterproof. However, Royal Caribbean has developed a scuba mask that allows you to use Snapchat Spectacles under water for up to 30 minutes. Take a look at them in action below: