Introducing our new charity of the year

We are delighted to announce that our new charity of the year, starting on 1st September, will be Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs is a great charity that offers support for not just people suffering from blindness but also anyone who has a visual impairment. They offer advice and services to all people affected by visual difficulties.

It is very expensive and a lot of hard work to get a fluffy, bouncy puppy ready to be a service dog. Each dog costs £55,000 from the start of the training right through to the end of its working life after 7-8 years of service. This also means that in a person’s lifetime, they may need to learn and bond with three or four service dogs or even more!


Currently, there are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss and an estimated 180,000 who barely even leave their homes due to a lack of support and confidence leading to feelings of isolation and depression.

Search Laboratory will be supporting Guide Dogs through our awesome fundraising events and raising awareness both locally to the Leeds area and nationally.

Our first event is taking place on Saturday 2nd September where we will be walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks – potentially with some of our own four-legged friends too! Our JustGiving page can be found here if you would like to help us kick-start our year!

Working Together Across the Pond

We are working closely with our New York office as they are also supporting the same cause. The Guide Dog Foundation was established in the US in 1946 and continues to work hard for its service users. Similarly to the UK, It costs $60,000 to train up a puppy to become a service dog and the need across the globe is massive.

Visual impairments and blindness can affect anyone, any age or gender and without warning. Offering a service dog is the difference between an isolated and frightening future and one filled with independence and optimism. Blindness shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone.