This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

The National Lottery’s social media blunder

It has been a bad week for The National Lottery this week after their latest social media campaign went wrong.

Users were told to retweet one of the company’s posts with the hashtag #Represent. In return, they received an automatically generated thank you tweet, with their account name written on a sign held by an athlete from the British Athletics team.

Some users decided to change their account name to offensive statements, which were then placed on the signs. The tweets soon circulated around Twitter.

The company removed the tweets from their account and issued an apology for any offence caused.

Google Maps launches a new Q&A feature

This week, a new update was announced for Google Maps, which allows users to find answers to common questions.

The new Q&A feature is shown under local business listings and allows users to view questions asked by other people.

Users are also able to ask questions to be answered by business owners.

The feature is now available on Google Maps for Android and mobile search.

Barack Obama makes Twitter history

The former US president made Twitter history this week after his response to the Charlottesville violence became the most liked tweet in history, according to the social media platform.

The tweet was a quote from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography. Prior to this, Ariana Grande held the record with her tweet reacting to the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester.

ASOS introduces image search to its app

ASOS has become the latest brand to introduce image search functionality. Users simply upload an image of what they are looking for and the app’s algorithm will find the closest match available.

The new feature has only been added to their iOS app, but there are plans for an Android version to be released shortly.

And finally…

A 2-year old girl, called Mila, has gone viral this week after she gave her account of her first day at pre-school. The hilarious video was shared on Instagram by the girl’s mum, and her rolling eyes and sassy attitude had the internet in stitches! Watch the full video below.

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