This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

Taylor gets everyone talking

Singer Taylor Swift got the internet buzzing this week with talk of her new music. Late last week, the singer appeared to delete all posts and images across her social media channels, which caused a great deal of confusion amongst her fans.

However, a few days later, videos and images of snakes appeared across all her channels as she announced her new single, ‘Look what you made me do’, was going to be launched this week, with her new album following in November.

Twitter was going crazy over the announcement with many speculating behind the meaning of the snake imagery. Only time will tell.

Apple gets creative on the search for their next employee

Apple decided to get a little creative with their latest recruitment method by hiding the job details on their website.

A cyber-security reporter, called Zack Whittaker, found it accidentally whilst analysing data sent from iPhone apps. The secret post read, “Hey there! You found us. We are looking for a talented engineer to develop a critical infrastructure component that is to be a key part of the Apple ecosystem.”  The advert has since been removed.

KFC’s new virtual reality training

This week, KFC launched a new virtual reality training program for making its secret original recipe chicken in the form of an escape room. In order to escape, participants must complete five steps, including breading and pressure frying.

George Felix, Director of Advertising for KFC US, said: “Our cooking process hasn’t changed much in 70 years, but the way we can train our cooks using modern technology sure has.”

Watch the video below for a little taster.

10 years of the #hashtag

This week Twitter celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the #hashtag. The social media network launched a special emoji to celebrate the occasion.

The symbol was first used by former Google and Uber engineer Chris Messina as a suggestion for categorising group messages.

Dara Nasr, Twitter UK’s Managing Director said: “From their first use 10 years ago, hashtags have grown to be part of everyday language across the globe, with 125 million used every day on Twitter. From moments and movements such as #CupForBen and #BlackLivesMatter, they bring communities together to show what’s happening from every side.”

And finally…

The Weather Channel and Twitter teamed up this week to livestream the solar eclipse as it moved across the US. The footage featured 10 different locations, including Idaho, Illinois Oregon and Tennessee. You can see the highlights here:

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