BrightEdge SEO Reporting

Search Laboratory is proud to use BrightEdge, the market leading SEO reporting platform to report all the KPIs of your SEO campaigns. This is a robust, sleek and ‘Board friendly’ enterprise level solution that we use for all our clients' campaigns. As well as regular reports sent via email, you can have a login to view dashboards with the latest up to date data. Please request a login from your Account Manager and log in here.


Benefits of using BrightEdge technology includes:

  • Prompt reporting (automated at the start of the month)
  • Frequent reporting (weekly if required)
  • Agile reporting -top level (to show to the board) and granular (keyword groups)
  • Extensive competitor reporting
  • Easy to digest dashboards and new charts
  • Capabilities for specific reporting
  • Groups of similar keywords

Measuring Organic Traffic & Revenue

Secure Search and (Not Provided) – What it means for you

You may or may not be aware of the recent change to Google. All searches performed are now ‘secure’ using the https protocol. This means that Google searches are encrypted. The knock-on effect is that all analytics software cannot extract the search query that a user typed in to reach your site via Google organic search.

How does this affect reporting?

This now means that we cannot provide you with any details around organic traffic or revenue at the search query level. We will not be able to distinguish results from ‘branded’ (people searching for you specifically) and non-branded (people finding your site using generic terms) traffic.

How will we report on the performance of your SEO?

We will continue to provide you with total organic traffic and total organic revenue data using BrightEdge. It will link up with your existing analytics data provider. See the example reports below:




We are able to report on individual keywords as before, but now positions are now taken weekly.



With this new dashboard interface we are able to cut up / aggregate this data into more meaningful indicators and charts showing SERP visibility. The chart below shows how many of your tracked keywords are showing on page 1, 2 or 3 over a three month period:




For now, reporting of links acquired will be sent in PDF format. This will be integrated within the BrightEdge platform very soon.


We have the freedom to build bespoke dashboards that can give you a top level executive summary, or provide you with much more detail around a specific area of your SEO. BrightEdge allows us to give you much more competitor insight, showing just how you are shaping up to your closest competitors. The chart below shows us just how three competing sites have performed in the SERPs for a single selected keyword.