Digital marketing predictions for 2021 (Podcast)

In this podcast episode, the team discuss their digital marketing predictions for 2021, during a time of a lot of external upheaval they cover the long-term effects of COVID-19, its effect on different sectors, and the accelerated shift in digital transformation.


They also explore the changing role of automation, AI and machine learning and how those advancements will look in digital marketing. The team also considers the future of cookies and the growth of other channels.


Topics of discussion:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on different sectors, how certain areas of online retail experienced a huge uplift and how suffering sectors such as travel, leisure and events could start to see some pickup with the lifting of restrictions
  • The rising importance of online and the massive shift in focus to online channels
  • The changing role of automation and machine learning, the opportunities available to advertisers, and the increase in ease of use
  • The phasing out of cookies, the effect this has on our ability to advertise to users across the web, and the importance of first-party data
  • the continual growth of channels such as marketplaces and the rise in mediums like video, and more shoppable platforms


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Joining this podcast are:

A photo of Ian Harris, Founder and Executive Chairman of Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Ian Harris

Founder and Executive Chairman

A photo of Pete Whitmarsh, Head of Paid Media at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Pete Whitmarsh

Head of Paid Media

A photo of Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Jimmy McCann

Head of Digital Strategy

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