Best Feature of the new Adwords Interface!




As of this week, Google have expanded the Beta-testing of the updated Adwords Interface to include a bunch of new languages and countries, including the UK and Australia.

The look and the feel of the new version is much changed – it now resembles the interface of Google Analytics. New features include performance graphs (a la Analytics) at the campaign/adgroup/keyword level, in-line editing (you can edit keyword bids without having to go through to a separate page, for example), and much easier navigation via an Adwords Editor style tree-view of your campaign’s structure.

However, forgetting all that, it’s worth signing up for the beta for one feature alone: under the keyword tab, it’s now possible to select any (or all) keywords in an ad group or campaign, and run a simple search query report. The report shows you all search queries that have triggered that keyword – and that it is pretty much ALL search queries, with scarcely a single mention of the ‘other unique queries’ which has always plagued the regular search query report. And not only that, but you can also see click-through rates, CPCs, and a host of other stats for each individual search query – even whether or not they converted, which will be massively useful when it comes to deciding whether to add them in as new (or, as the case may be, negative) keywords! Awesome.

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