SEO in 2012 – Myths, Do’s & Dont’s from Figaro Digital


Sasha Hanau

Technical SEO

For those of you who may not have made it to see our CEO, Ian Harris, speak at Figaro Digital’s Digital Marketing Conference in November, you can now watch Ian’s speech online.

The speech was on the topic of ‘SEO in 2012 – How to Win in Competitive Markets’ however the format had a twist – in order to keep content interesting and to the point, speakers were only allowed to have 21 slides and only had 21 SECONDS to talk per slide. This was challenging, particularly because Ian had no control of his own slide deck – it was being progressed for him by the organisers! Despite being a challenge to present, we thought this was a great format and one which the audience seemed to really enjoy.

In his talk, Ian covers (very swiftly):

– The history of SEO up to now

– 5 myths about SEO

– 5 Do’s in SEO

– 5 Don’ts for SEO

It’s a great presentation and gives a good overview of some of the worst myths and worst practices in the SEO sector as well as what you can do to get SEO working to your advantage.

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