The Importance of Relationship Building in SEO


Stephen Thomas

Technical SEO

The end of this month marks my sixth with Search laboratory and, although in the grand scheme of life this isn’t that long, in the world of SEO, it is an age. As such, quite a bit has changed in our online world and, from my point of view as a content and online PR executive, nothing more so than the way we build an online presence.

A lot has been said about content and the vital role it plays in SEO, but what I wanted to focus on here is how that content goes hand in hand with the relationships we forge with site owners, bloggers and influential figures.

Building great relationships is vital to getting any content off the ground and into the eyeballs of the right audience. Furthermore, great long-term, working relationships are essential when it comes to being ahead of the curve; if a story breaks and you need to get a piece of topical content out there to take advantage of it, it’ll be those relationships you’ve manufactured in the past that you’ll fall back on when there quite simply isn’t enough time to get out there and engage with brand new webmasters, bloggers and influencers.

However, rather than talk more about it, I decided to depict it in the form of a short comic strip.

The Importance of Relationship Building in SEO