The 18 step GIF guide to keeping clients happy

Chris Woolford

Client Services Director

Industry News

1. Believe it or not, clients are human too!

2. So you need to understand them by asking lots of questions.


3. And make sure you listen to them. Like really listen.

4. That way you can get inside their heads and work out what they want.


5. Make friends. Don’t be afraid to make small talk.

6. Give lots of free and useful advice.

7. And go that extra mile.


8. Always be open and honest.

9. If the strategy isn’t working, don’t carry on regardless. Stop, discuss, and find a new direction.


10. Keep in touch with regular updates, even if just to say hello.

11. Always put everything in writing.

12. And respect THE deadlines, before…


13. If you believe in your opinion, a good client will respect you for saying “no”.

14. Just keep expectations in check.


15. And if you mess up, take the blame.

16. Last but not least, just do a great job!


17. No matter what gets in your way.

18. And with a little bit of luck, your client will love you forever.


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