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This week in digital

The 'hot felon'‘Hot Felon’ Gets His Big Break

This week saw convicted felon Jeremy Meeks get an unexpected second chance after being arrested in 2014 for weapons charges in California. At the time of his arrest, Meeks was cited by officers as “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.”

However when his mugshot released by Stockton Police Dept. went viral, Meeks got more attention than he might have expected. One comment read: “Being that sexy is illegal?”.  Published only to share information about his arrest with the public, his chiseled features and dreamy blue eyes proved to be a hit with the ladies, gathering 100,000+ likes on Facebook. On release from prison last week, Meeks (aka the ‘hot felon’) was faced with a “multitude of offers” from modelling agencies, talent managers and casting agents and now has a new agent to help him rebuild his life.

On release from prison last week, Meeks was faced with a “multitude of offers” from modelling agencies, talent managers and casting agents and now has a new agent to help him rebuild his life.

Greggs Gives Coffee-Lovers an Extra Boost

Nap Pods from GreggsGreggs, the UK’s largest bakery chain has launched a new London campaign in honor of their new coffee range.

Following research from the University of Pennsylvania that found consuming coffee, then taking a 20-minute power nap maximized alertness and productivity, Greggs have set up giant coffee cup sleeping pods to test the theory out.

Dubbed the ‘Nappuccino’  study, the new sleeping pods come complete with a bed, blanket, mood lighting and relaxation music. We’ve got to say we love this idea and would love some of these pods in our neck of the woods!

OXO Life Hack Goes Viral

The OXO cube is iconic and used as a staple ingredient in most UK kitchens. However, for some, there has been a real revelation this week on social media …. It turns out we’ve been using these handy little foil cubes all wrong!

If you’ve ever spent time furiously washing your hands after crumbling one of these flavorsome cubes into your cooking, you’ll soon see the error in your ways. The clever makers of OXO cubes certainly never intended it to be used that way, as one popular life hack from Kasie Riley shows. Basically if you didn’t already know, the little red and silver cube shouldn’t be unwrapped before use!

Kasie Riley sparked a debate on Facebook community page ‘Mums Advice’ after posting a photo with the caption ‘I feel like my whole life’s been a lie. All those crumbly messes I could have avoided‘. Riley rightly pointed out that if you look carefully at the wrapped cube, you’ll see that it has folded flaps on the sides. Rather than unwrap the cube and then crumble, undo the flaps before crumbling the contents and it will transform into a flat packet ready to pour!

The incredibly simple concept has gone viral, with hundreds of OXO customers claiming they had no idea this was what the foil was intended for. Despite the fantastic extra publicity for OXO, some are not convinced, citing the late Lynda Bellingham’s OXO adverts in which she crumbles them post-unwrapping. We’d be interested to hear what OXO thinks is the right way!

Justin Bieber Schooled by an 11-year-old for his Use of Poor Grammar

Last week Justin Bieber received criticism from a UK school child about his use of grammar in his 2012 song ‘Boyfriend’. In the song, Bieber sings to an unnamed love interest that “if [he] was [her] boyfriend, [he’d] never let [her] go.” According to the open letter, Bieber’s verb use here is incorrect.

“Here you have clearly used the subjunctive mood incorrectly,” the child wrote. “If current performers such as Beyoncé can write a song using the subjunctive mood correctly, so must you,” he wrote.

Bieber under scrutiny over his grammar

The child’s teacher Louise Williams uploaded the note to Facebook in order to drum up support, however the plan somewhat backfired… the young boy in question came under scrutiny himself for his own use of grammar and capitalization! His teacher responded to comments on her post with: “He wasn’t too bothered,” she wrote. “He was going home to play with his Lego Star Wars.”


8th March marked International Women’s Day. As with all such official days, brands everywhere got behind the event. Econsultancy provided an excellent roundup of inspiring women’s campaigns that is well worth reading (as did The Drum), however as you’ll probably have seen, it was Kim Kardashian West who made a splash on #InternationalWomensDay with her new attempt at ‘internet-breaking’ nude tweets.

“I’m empowered by body and sexuality regardless of my past and flaws. If I am cool with it, you should be too. #HappyInternationalWomensDay” posted Kim, however in a flurry of self-promoting activity (it just so happened she launched her new Snapchat channel at the same time as her nude selfies), not everyone appreciated her attitudes to feminism. The media frenzy ensued, with Bette Midler posting on Twitter: “If Kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera.”

In a slightly more traditional approach to #IWD2016, Microsoft celebrates female invention by releasing an uplifting ‘woman made’ advert.

While people can reel off male inventors names with ease, they struggle when asked to name female inventors. As such, Microsoft’s aim was to inspire the younger female generation to be fearless and creative. The ad (which is part of a year-long campaign) celebrates female inventors and all things ‘woman made’ by featuring the names of females who have contributed greatly to progress in science, technology and the environment. The female inventors showcased included Ada Lovelace, the inventor of the algorithm, Patricia Bath, responsible for pioneering laser surgery for cataracts, and Sarah Mather, who created the underwater telescope.

Feel-Good Friday Dancing

And finally, we couldn’t resist paying homage to the UK’s greatest grandma and the gold suited man known as ‘Disco Bunny’ who inspired her. Captured in her hot pink coat, the lady was in her element dancing to the Beatles song, Twist and Shout.

The feel-good video published last week by ViralHog (with thanks Ezda Beevers) captured the true British spirit when passers-by joined in. It’s had over 10 million views on Facebook and words simply cannot do it justice so watch the video and enjoy…