This Week in Digital

Danielle Birch

Digital Campaign Manager

This week in digital

Would you like to get paid to vacation and Instagram?

Could this be the best summer job in the world? Royal Caribbean International is looking for someone to spend a three week “Intern-Ship” on three separate cruise vacations taking snaps for the company’s Instagram page. The lucky recruit will have to take a grand total of three photos a day throughout their employment and take at least nine shore excursions during their holiday, I mean, as part of their job. Oh, and you will also get paid! To apply, you naturally have to Instagram your best travel pics, tagging in @RoyalCaribbeanUK with the hashtag #ExtraordinaryExplorer. 


UniLad is the Most Engaging Facebook Page of 2016

This week it was revealed that the most engaged Facebook page of 2016 is UniLad, beating off stiff competition from the likes of The Daily Mail and Buzzfeed, who both failed to make the top five. UniLad’s CEO announced the news on LinkedIn saying that it was “a bit mad” and that the company had  “always dreamed of creating a platform that could not only make people laugh, but also has the power to make positive change. Last year we managed to raise thousands to help homelessness, development in Africa and to help stop animal abuse.” The data was compiled by Tubular Labs, a cross-platform monitoring system. 


CES Reveals Plenty of New Smart Tech

Technology brands have been using the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas to reveal some interesting new smart products that may be on their way to a device near you very soon. There are a few bits of tech that sound like they would be really rather useful, like the smart cane, which learns normal behavior and alerts family members if a relative has had a fall and a fridge camera that can take pictures of your fridge contents so you know what to buy and uses barcode information to tell you if something needs to be thrown away. However, there was also a smattering of the seemingly absurd such as vibrating shorts that alert the wearer when they have an incoming text or call and can even give directions. 


Worst Quiz Show Answer Goes Viral

This week a clip from UK quiz show, Pointless, has gone viral after a contestant gave a ridiculous answer and her friend’s face reads that she is not impressed. When asked to name a country that ends in two consonants, the contestant, Sarah, replied with “Paris”. Face palm. 

And Finally…

It has been revealed that Amazon has filed a patent for airborne warehouses that house drones for delivering items to their customers. The patent was filed last April but has only recently been discovered by an analyst at CB Insights. The patent shows how blimps could circle over large cities releasing drones with packages, using mainly gravity for the first part of their journey, only using their motors for the final leg.