This Week in Digital

Danielle Birch

Digital Campaign Manager

This week in digital

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

If your Facebook wall hasn’t been completely taken over by this adorable daddy-daughter duet this week, then you’re in for a treat. Dave Crosby from Utah starts singing the Randy Newman classic “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” whilst playing along on his acoustic guitar, but it isn’t until his four-year-old daughter Claire joins in that the cute factor really kicks in. The video has already been viewed more than 89 million times with publishers such as Bored Panda and the Daily Mail sharing the video. Take a look and see if you can watch to the end without feeling just a little bit emotional. 

Well Fired Loaves

Sainsburys’ shoppers have been taking to Twitter to express their concern over a new product that has been seen on the bakery shelves. The supermarket has launched a new “Well Fired Loaf” but customers aren’t convinced. Looks like someone forgot to put the timer on for that batch. 

The Worst Valentine’s Card

If you’re already dreading the onslaught of hearts and flowers that the upcoming Valentine’s Day is bound to entail, then this new product from Firebox could be just for you. The “Never-Ending Valentine’s Day Card” will play a looping “unbearable Valentine’s jingle for 3+ hours” and can only be stopped by smashing the card up, which will unleash a confetti bomb of heart glitter. This could be the ideal prank for a friend or will certainly be something different for your loved one – although they might have to get their own back, so it could backfire. 

v day card

Twitter Algorithm Blunder

This week Twitter’s algorithm came into question when it was highlighted that words such as “asshole”, “racist” and “tiny hands” were returning Donald Trump as the top result. Twitter has had to manually remove the new president’s account from being associated with these negative terms. It is believed that the number of critical tweets concerning Trump had lead to this happening rather than anything that Twitter did themselves. 

trump tweet

And Finally…

Potato Chip brand, Tostitos, has launched a new packet in time for next week’s Super Bowl which can tell whether you’ve been drinking and will offer you an Uber code if you have. The bag picks up tiny particles of alcohol on a person’s breath and turns into a red steering wheel with the slogan “Don’t Drink and Drive” if detected. The campaign aims to take drunk-drivers off of the roads, as over the past six years in San Diego the number of injuries caused by drunk driving has increased by 117% over the Super Bowl weekend.