This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

Google to launch Google Attribution

Google LogoGoogle has announced they are launching a host of new products and features for marketers, with a key one being Google Attribution. It is set to be launched in the next few months, with the goal of helping marketers measure the contribution each marketing channel makes towards an end conversion.

A free version will be launched, but an enterprise level version is set to be launched called Attribution 360, which will form part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. Google also announced development to their store visits management tool, to help marketers better record in-store visits and transactions sent by search and Shopping ads.

Topshop brings in the summer

Topshop has unveiled a new experience at its flagship store involving a virtual reality water slide. To mark the start of the summer season, shoppers will be able to choose an inflatable of their choice and slide down their in-store slide, whilst the magic of virtual reality will make them feel like they are riding a water slide through Oxford Street.

As part of their summer campaign, the clothing brand will also be pumping the scent of sun cream throughout the London store. Who needs to actually go on holiday when you can just visit Topshop?!

$147,000 for an old computer?!

A working version of the first computer designed and built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak has sold for $147,000 at auction.

The Apple-1 was built in a garage in 1976 and sold for $666 at the time. 200 were made, but only 60 are thought to have survived and only 8 are still working. The computers had such a small amount of storage that they would not be able to even store one song, quite a contrast to today’s Apple devices!

Dubai launches a police robot

Police in Dubai have unveiled their first ever robot police officer, designed to patrol their shopping centres and tourist attractions. The public will be able to use the device to report crimes and pay fines through a touchscreen on the robot’s chest. Although the Dubai police force has confirmed they will not replace human police officers, they are aiming for 25% of the force to be robotic by 2030, with the robots freeing up humans to be relocated to the most important roles.

And finally…

An impromptu rendition of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ broke out in St Ann’s Square on Tuesday, after crowds gathered for a minute’s silence following the tragic events in Manchester on Monday. Within hours a video of the spontaneous singing, which started from a woman in the crowd, was being shared across the world via social media and news channels. Check out the beautiful moment below…