Webinar: What can the Google Analytics 360 Suite do for you?


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What is this webinar about?

The Google Analytics 360 is an enterprise level analytics solution, and is a more advanced and powerful version of Google’s free, standard analytics tool. The suite is designed to deliver deeper insights into when, why and how your customers buy from or engage with you, so you can make better marketing decisions based on accurate data.

This webinar will demonstrate some of the key differences between standard Google Analytics and the Google Analytics 360 Suite and the advantages these can deliver when it comes to making efficient, data-driven marketing decisions.

What you will learn:

How the Google Analytics 360 Suite enables you to:

  • Improve the accuracy of business decisions through avoiding flawed data from free data collection limits
  • Create a single global view across multiple websites
  • Seamlessly integrate with enterprise products, including DoubleClick, for a more efficient, joined-up and optimal digital marketing approach
  • Create a stronger personalized marketing approach through increased audiences, which can improve conversion rates and reduce wasted marketing spend
  • Integrate online and offline activity to better understand your customer journeys

Webinar details:

Date: Thursday, June 1

Time: 11am -11.45am CDT


Jimmy McCann – Head of Digital Strategy

jimmyJimmy is a leading expert in the Google Analytics 360 Suite, and is Search Laboratory’s lead adviser on using data in cross-channel digital strategy. He is a regular contributor for industry publications, including Econsultancy, and has worked at a strategic level with global brands, including ASOS, The Outnet, Citrix and Kingston Technologies.


Chris Attewell – SVP Global Sales

Chris AttewellChris began his career in export sales and marketing before finding his way into the digital world, and worked in email and marketing automation prior to joining Search Laboratory. Chris provides strategic leadership and direction for Search Laboratory’s global operations, working with clients and internal teams to deliver profitable online customer acquisition campaigns across multiple countries.


The webinar has now finished, but the recording is available to view here.

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