LinkLab: online media relations software


Kira Feather-Stracey

Head of Content and Online PR

Content Marketing

LinkLab: media relations software for online PR campaigns

LinkLab™ is Search Laboratory’s proprietary software that provides easy access to our database of content and online PR contacts, including journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

With LinkLab, our content and online PR teams can manage and engage with valuable media contacts, quickly identifying which contacts are interested in specific content types, ensuring that our time – and our clients’ budgets – are used in the most effective way.


How it works

Effective research

When we search Google for influencers to get involved with our campaigns, LinkLab automatically overlays information on to the SERPs, so we can see at a glance the history of our relationship with a certain contact.

We also have a toolbar that generates the same information when we are reviewing target websites:

This saves time and effort by helping us to identify people who are most likely to engage with our clients’ content.

Building national and international lists of media contacts

We undertake campaigns on a global scale, so we make target lists based on niche, language, and target market. This ensures that we have the most up to date contacts internationally.

For example, if we’re undertaking a PR campaign for a fashion client in France, we can put together a media list using LinkLab, and search for relevant contacts in the “fashion” category, with the target language set to French:

Relationship management

LinkLab allows the team to see what type of projects and clients our contacts have worked with us on. This means we can nurture valuable relationships, and:

  • Avoid annoying our contacts by not being aware of conversations they are having with other team members
  • Avoid duplication when we have teams working on the same campaigns
  • Increase the likelihood that key influencers will want to engage with us
  • Ensures we work with the most relevant influencers in our clients’ industries, and
  • Identify and contact people quickly and efficiently.

All of which helps to save our clients money and generate the best results from their content.

Transparent reporting

Our SEO reporting tool, ReportLab uses LinkLab data to show how your content and online PR campaigns are performing over time:

We can also see how our content performs over time through our Google Analytics dashboard on LinkLab, which gives us metrics such as bounce rate, number of visits and average time on our content:

This ensures that we are constantly refining our campaigns to ensure that we always maximize the return we generate from our clients’ budgets.

If you have any questions about how we can maximise your content and online PR activity, please contact us.