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The last few weeks have been a difficult time for businesses and individuals, and with the government advising all those who can to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Search Laboratory has instructed all staff to work from home for their health and wellbeing and will be shutting the office. We have also postponed upcoming face-to-face events and meetings and, where possible, moved them online.


The success of our clients is still our number one focus and we are well equipped to continue our work to support our clients through this challenging period: we use cloud-based collaborative software, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, meaning staff can access all documents remotely, as well as arrange and attend virtual meetings, and all of our data processes are secure and GDPR compliant.


While there is no denying this is a strange and difficult time for individuals and businesses alike, we are doing everything we can to help our employees and clients get through this period. This includes ongoing monitoring of the situation, regular communication, and providing our clients with the best support and service.

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