In this webinar, we will be looking into the advanced technical SEO techniques that are required to stay at the top of the search engines in 2019. From getting the basics of international SEO spot on and being able to serve the right content to the right users globally, to ensuring your content is readable and understood by Google and other search engines, it is vital you do not underestimate the power of technical SEO in increasing your online visibility.

We are increasingly finding  that the skills of a technical SEO are becoming more varied and more advanced, with the need for data science, JavaScript and the ability to test and refine strategies a now essential part of the day to day job.

We will be looking at the roles data science, automation, JavaScript and A/B testing has to play in today’s SEO world.

Webinar details

  • Date:Thursday June 27th 2019
  • Time:12:00 pm EDT
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