Searching for future-proofed solutions for B2B marketers (whitepaper)

The search for future-proofed solutions


As a B2B marketer, you know that not all leads are valued the same. Depending on the product or service a lead is interested in, or the size of the company they represent, they can vary vastly in potential value.

By enhancing your data strategy, you can open up future-proofed solutions to valuing the impact of your marketing channels, allowing you to streamline your marketing to the most valued channels and customers. Creating this heightened perspective uncovers strengths and weaknesses, filling in the gaps in your customer journey and naturally directing your business down a path of digital maturity.

The challenges of B2B sales


B2B sales often have a long consideration period which creates various attribution issues. Prospects will have multiple online and offline journeys, potentially across different devices and with multiple stakeholders involved.

Besides the extended consideration period, there is often an even longer timeframe before the value of the client is realized. For example, following a purchase, it might be 6-12 months before you know the true value of that customer and how much they will actually spend with you.

This is where the research phase bears its fruit. Attributing value to each touchpoint in the user journey reveals different levels of intent and expected lifetime value which is crucial later down the line.

Given these difficulties within the B2B industry, prioritizing your data strategy is paramount.

Analyzing a user’s known behaviors, attributes and actions enables us to attribute value throughout their user journey, predict an expected future value and use this data to steer your digital marketing strategy.


Topics covered in this whitepaper


  • How to quantify what your digital marketing is doing
  • Identifying the decision-makers and educating each part of the funnel
  • Pushing offline leads into Google Ads and building a value-based system
  • Centralizing online and offline data
  • Utilizing predictive modeling to estimate value
  • Touchpoint estimated value modeling

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