Attribution is hard – any marketer will tell you that – but it gets even harder when you add in offline touchpoints in your customer journey. Being able to tie up the full customer journey is key to understanding where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts.

In this webinar, our Head of Digital Strategy, Jimmy McCann will go on to explain how you can make this connection by using the right tools and advanced techniques, whilst remaining compliant with privacy regulations.

We will dive into the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) capabilities, including how Google Analytics 360 has an out of the box integration with Salesforce, enabling you to tie up CRM data and offline activity with your online marketing, to gain a single version of the truth.

Jimmy will also look at how you activate the insights you gain from joining these online and offline elements in order to maximize the value from your digital marketing activities.

Webinar details

  • Date:Thursday November 21st 2019
  • Time:12:00 pm EST
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