Do’s and Don’ts of Email Subject Lines


Manuela Quaglietta

Industry News

The subject line is the first obstacle to overcome when we want an email to be read. Depending on what it includes, the recipient will decide whether to open the email or not. There is of course no hard and fast rule to apply to all emails when writing subject lines – it all depends on the purpose of the message and the recipient – but here are few do’s and dont’s that can help with the process:


email subject lines do's and don'ts




Other tips:

  • Keep it simple and honest.
  • Be clear and descriptive rather than creative. Creativity can result in ambiguity.
  • Inform rather than sell.
  • If you know who the recipient is, try to think what could be effective for him.
  • Write the subject after writing the email, as youd do with the title of an article.
  • Before sending the email, read the subject again: does it explain the content? Is it a short summary of the text? If not, then write it again.
  • Test. Try different subjects and verify which works better.

Writing an email subject line particularly for the Italian and Spanish SEO markets:

  • When contacting someone for a brand mention, writing the title of the article as the subject line tends to work well. Especially if the article is recent.
  • When contacting someone for a guest post, use the words collaboration or article proposal.
  • When contacting an educational or university site offering a position, just name the role with the words position or offer and the name of the client.
  • Dont name the client if you are not sure the recipient will know them.
  • A descriptive tone is always the best. Creative texts could be misunderstood or considered too commercial.