Search Ads 360

Manage multiple enterprise-level campaigns in one platform

Advanced insights

Automated bid management

Unified reporting

Data-driven attribution

Integration with the Google enterprise stack

Why Search Ads 360?

As part of the Google Marketing Platform, Search Ads 360 (formerly known as DoubleClick Search) comes with enterprise-level features that can deliver advanced insights, unified reporting and improved campaign performance to help grow your business online.

Integrated campaigns

Implement and manage your ad campaigns across all connected search engines, from one platform to improve efficiency and and ensure that every search engine benefits from advanced features like Search Ads 360 bid strategies.


SA360 also benefits from integration with the full GMP stack, giving detailed cross-channel insights and access to data-driven attribution. Understand the full customer journey to make informed budget decisions and a smarter ad strategy.

Unified reporting

With Search Ads 360, you can access data from all campaigns, across all search engines, in one interface, allowing you to report on top-level paid advertising, by search engine, or by individual campaigns.


With real-time, de-duplicated data and cross-account data, you can gather instant insights on keyword attribution and build short and long-term bidding strategies that will improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) and grow your business.

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How we can help

Using Search Ads 360, we can:

  • Gather in-depth audience insights and understand the full customer journey
  • Create and manage a fully integrated cross-channel paid strategy
  • Execute data-driven campaigns tailored to your customer journey for improved performance
  • Set up Ecommerce Tracking and Goals based on your business objectives
  • Set up data-driven attribution modelling to deliver advanced business insights
  • Create customized reports based on your campaign goals.

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