Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Profitable PPC requires a unique blend of mathematics, statistical probability calculations, creative semantic research and strategic planning.

Search Laboratory employs a talented team of account managers, all of whom are required to be graduates in a mathematical discipline, to optimise pay per click campaigns on behalf of our clients. Teamed with the use of BidLabTM (our proprietary bid management tool) Search Laboratory’s PPC team can dramatically increase the ROI you derive from your paid search.

Search Laboratory’s approach as a pay per click agency is results focused. We deliver measurable results and can help you achieve double or treble figure percentage increases in ROI by applying our unique formula, approach and technology.

Working closely with search engines such as Google (AdWords) and Bing (Bing Ads), Search Laboratory can help you reach a wider audience online with paid search including display advertising, remarketing, optimisation of product feeds for Google Shopping and advertising on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


Position 1 will get you the most sales but which position will earn you the most profit? Our mathematical approach ensures we can answer this complex question to maximise your ROI from PPC.


Advanced, tailored reporting and regular contact with the account manager actually working on your PPC campaigns are integral to the long-standing relationships we have with our clients.


BidlabTM, our in-house bid management tool, was designed to find the most profitable bid profile across keywords at a granular level even if they have low search volumes. It uses methods and algorithms that overcome the problems found in ‘off the shelf’ bid tools and helps us effectively manage bids in campaigns containing tens of thousands of keywords.


In addition to our expert PPC management, we can also advise you on how to convert more of the traffic landing on your website from both desktop and mobile visitors. Sometimes even small changes to your site can make a big difference to your conversion rate and profitability. Our specialist conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and testing team will help you identify issues onsite and advise you about what is required to maximise the conversions you get for your advertising spend.

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