Data Visualisation

Clear and actionable insights for all stakeholders


Automated reporting

Custom reporting

The right data for the right person

Being able to present data in the right format, for the right person, is key to ensuring all stakeholders understand performance and achieving stakeholder buy-in.


We have a dedicated business intelligence team that specialises in connecting and blending your different data sources and creating integrated reports and dashboards that are easy to interpret.

We can help with every step of the process from data collection to visualisation:

  • Collecting and blending different data sources within a central data warehouse using platforms such as Funnel and Stitch, as well as our own in-house tools
  • Cleansing and aggregating different data sources using tools such as Google Cloud DataPrep to provide a single data source for dashboards
  • Grouping and categorising campaigns from different platforms together for cross-channel tracking, filtering, and reporting
  • Visualising data in clear and intuitive dashboards through our custom-built ReportLab portal via tools such as Tableau and Data Studio
  • Scheduling and automating all BI, dashboarding and reporting processes to provide a robust data pipeline for report delivery.

Real-time, actionable insights

We build real-time dashboards so you can see changes happen, as they happen. Reporting in real-time means we can spot and react to trends when they will make a difference to performance.

“To run a successful campaign, you need a good relationship and a certain level of trust. In that respect we are in a really good place with Search Laboratory.”


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