Data is filled with answers. Unlocking and engineering insights connect the dots for evidence-based, strategic growth through global digital marketing.

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Search Laboratory is an integrated digital marketing agency dedicated to digging for the extraordinary. Our digital marketers, mother-tongue experts and data scientists, seek out the point where data reveals human truths and translate them into connection-driven digital strategies that ignite change and achieve sustainable business growth.

Algorithms do some of the work. But to find the gems of truth that will have maximum impact, we curate behaviour insights that no-one thought to look for before. First, identifying the right questions to build the data. Then teasing through the results to unlock the digital marketing concepts and messages that will resonate with our clients’ target audiences.

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For businesses with a global reach, blanket analysis doesn’t cut it and translation isn’t enough. That’s why we operate as an international digital marketing agency. Understanding local competitors, markets, cultural trends, and linguistic differences is the key to engaging and inspiring trust in new territories.

We believe in the power of data to create positive, meaningful change. By working in partnership with clients who have big ambitions of their own, we all go further, reach higher and shape a brighter future.

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We are innovative.

We champion change. We’re not afraid to lead the way and do what hasn’t been done before.

We are transparent.

We’re open, honest and fair in the work we do, and with everyone we work with.

We are respectful.

We believe everyone should have a voice. We listen to our colleagues, our clients, our community and our planet.

We are accountable.

We work hard and do what we say we’re going to do.​

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