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As we gather more data on the journeys customers make during their decision-making processes, the more we are reminded that success needs an integrated strategy.

Integrated strategies that deliver the right messages, at the right time, and through the right channels. In a way that makes it easy to choose you over your competition.

Our team of digital strategists uncover the true value of each of your campaigns, to advise and guide you on where your budget will get the best results.

This whitepaper highlights what SEO looks like moving forward and how businesses can adapt, including:

  • Moving away from keywords towards topics, concepts and entities
  • Building content around intent
  • Optimising for zero-click search results
  • Investing in automation and big data.

National and international scale

We have the proven experience to be able to maintain quality and results when managing scalable, complex campaigns.

From automated paid media software to databases of key industry influencers, we also have the tools to generate insights, leverage efficiencies, and maximise performance, making sure you continue to beat your competitors.

And like you, our business knows no borders: our team of in-house mother-tongue linguists cover over 35 languages and has delivered campaigns in almost every country in the world.

Data-driven in everything we do

We were founded by Ian Harris in 2005, a mathematician by training, to provide a more auditable, ethical and statistical approach to PPC and SEO, and to fill a need for a linguistically-faithful approach to multilingual campaigns.

That analytical and ethical approach remains a core value in the business, which now employs over 150 people, has offices in Leeds, London and New York, and manages millions of dollars, pounds and euros of clients‘ online media investments each month.

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