Campaign Manager

Build and manage performance-driven display campaigns more efficiently with integrated ad technology

Cross-device targeting

Integrated ad management

Reliable conversion tracking

Data-driven attribution

Seamless campaign management


Campaign Manager makes it easier for enterprise level businesses to efficiently plan, manage and report on creative display ad campaigns within a singular interface. Set up multiple bidding strategies across multiple platforms, share cross-channel insights and cookie data, and follow the customer  journey from start to finish.

Cross-channel tracking


Cross-channel tracking makes it easier than ever to understand the customer buying journey. As part of the Google Marketing Platform, Campaign Manager (formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager) seamlessly syncs with analytics and ads for de-duplicated data, while click tracking ensures that all marketing activity, including Facebook and email campaigns, can be accounted for in your data-driven attribution models.

Brand safe inventory


Campaign Manager makes it easy to see exactly where and when your display ads are being placed. Ensure your ads are being displayed in relevant publishers, while protecting your brand against click fraud, injected ads and appearing against harmful or questionable content.

Why use Campaign Manager


Campaign Manager has multiple features that simplifies the trafficking and tracking of your display campaigns. Used correctly, it is a tool that can help to improve the performance of your display ads and drive brand awareness and online revenue. Utilise the platform’s advanced analytics and full-channel tracking to deliver data-driven bidding strategies; build customised reports to reflect your business objectives; and optimise campaigns using Campaign Manager’s ad serving features such as A/B testing, advanced targeting and integration with Studio.


“I value their expertise. They understand our business model but are also adaptive to change. They have initiative and are good at finding problems and coming back with solutions. They want to do the best.”

Nicola Vidal, Head of Commerce, giffgaff 

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