Display & Video 360

Build and manage data-driven programmatic campaigns across display, video, TV and audio

Access to premium, brand-safe digital inventory

Integration with the full Google Marketing Platform

Create engaging display, audio and video ads

Access campaign data and insights in real-time

Build and manage combined audiences

Why Display & Video 360?


With DV360, it’s easier to design, build and manage programmatic campaigns from start to finish. Comprised of five modules, you can: define budgets; build audiences; gather and report on insights; build creative display, audio and video ads; access premium inventory and negotiate deals directly with publishers, all within one interface.


Benefit from features like automated bidding, access to first and third-party data, fraud prevention, brand safety tools and advanced campaign customisation options.

Integrated campaigns

Previously DoubleClick Bid Manager, Display & Video 360 now sits within the Google Marketing Platform and benefits from integration across all tools, including Analytics 360 and Campaign Manager.


Benefit from:

  • De-duplicated data for more accurate attribution
  • Advanced cross-channel audience insights for an informed strategy
  • Ability to create remarketing lists and find similar audiences using cross-channel data.

Attend this webinar if you want to hear:

  • The benefits and features of DV360  and what it can do for brands
  • How to accurately track the value of your display campaigns and the impact they have on other digital channels
  • How it integrates with the rest of the Google Marketing Platform and how to make the most of cross-channel insights
  • Why would you choose DV360 over other products such as the Google Display Network (GDN) and how to decide which platform is right for you
  • Examples of how to use the tool to plan, build and manage effective

Data-driven strategies


With information on over 65 dimensions and 145 metrics, the D&V360 Insights module delivers the data necessary to create bespoke campaigns that deliver results, with several dimensions updated in real time within the module; build tables and graphs directly within the interface without the need to export data. Optimise your campaigns using fresh data for instant results.

Why use a Sales Partner?


As a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, you can buy Display & Video 360 directly through us. This gives you complete data ownership, full transparency on media spend and fees, and the ability to manage campaigns in house.


Data is your single most valuable asset, and owning your own data is crucial if you are to make informed business decisions. Unlike when working with an agency account, buying DV360 through a Reseller gives you complete ownership of your campaign data so wherever you go, your data goes with you.

Benefit from our expertise

As one of just a handful of trusted UK-headquartered Sales Partners, we offer expert implementation, training and ongoing service support for Display & Video 360.


Whether you need help turning insights into strategy, executing an integrated digital strategy, or delivering a higher ROI, we will work with you to ensure your business goals are met.

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How we can help


With Display & Video 360, Search Laboratory can:

  • Use cross-channel insights to build an advanced programmatic strategy
  • Secure premium, brand-safe and relevant ad inventory
  • Execute data-driven campaigns tailored to your customer journey for improved performance
  • Design on-brand creative ads across display, audio and video
  • Utilise data-driven attribution for advanced business insights
  • Create customised reports based on your campaign goals.

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